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Mark Wizel and Lewis Tong established the Monash Commercial Property Investment Fund (MCPIF) as a high-volume fund that provides competitive returns for select investors looking to register their interest in the Australian commercial property market.

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MCPIF was set-up to take advantage of a short-to-medium term value-driven opportunity in the Australian property market. Due to a range of factors stemming out of COVID-19, the fund has identified specific properties in varied locations that represent fundamentally sound purchasing opportunities.

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The fund considers both property and risk adjustment as having equal weighting – we see risk adjustment in this context around property selection, difficulty in leasing, likely tenant type and demand on the exit.

This fund has been named in honour of Sir John Monash.

Born in 1865, Sir John Monash was widely acknowledged as Australia’s greatest military leader of the first World War, his significant contributions to business and society have helped shape Australia as it stands today.  His success demonstrated the tolerance of Australia, sharing the characteristics of diversity, multi-ethnicity, and resilience.

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Our services

Identification & Acquisition

Suitable value-add commercial properties and passive investment opportunities aligned with the interests of our investors.

Property Analysis

Thorough analysis of opportunities identified and presented, conducted by a qualified team of property professionals.

Planning & Protection

The formulation of asset purchase and exit plans, ensuring that our investors interests are always protected.

Property Disposal

Disposal of properties retained, using the extensive experience of fund managers to achieve a market-leading outcome.

Meet your fund managers

Market Lane Group, the investment manager for MCPIF is a wholly owned subsidiary of entities controlled by Wizel and Tong.

Mark Wizel

Mark Wizel established Wizel Property Group in July 2020 stemming from a formidable career in commercial property which saw him rise to be one of the youngest National Directors in CBRE history. 

Mark trained a specialised group of commercial property agents that became the leading commercial property market team across diverse asset classes spanning retail, development sites and Melbourne CBD properties. Growing a team from 2 to 72 people, Mark’s team at CBRE exceeded revenue growth ten-fold ($2.4m to $29.6m, 2017) across 200 transactions, achieved an impressive clearance rate of 90%, and transacted over $14.2 billion in sales over seven years.

Mark Wizel
Lewis Tong

Lewis Tong

Throughout his time at CBRE, Lewis was involved in the transaction of over $10 billion worth of commercial property transactions. He was instilled as the National Director of the Australian Asian Desk at CBRE in 2018 across Australia. 

Having an involvement in the Asian community both within Australia and overseas has contributed to building a strong profile in the market and created strong connections into Asia, in particular Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Lewis has a very strong analytical background in property through his valuation and funds management experience, providing value-add in site search and acquisition and disposal of assets. In 2021 Lewis founded Pearl River Group.

Meet the team

Targeted acquisitions

Are you currently marketing or own a property that you wish to sell? MCPIF has a strong interest to acquire commercial property in and around Australia ranging from $400,000 to $10,000,000. The fund will always act through estate agents for both on and off market opportunities.






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